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Welcome to, your one-stop place to get information on outdoor gear and equipment for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Consider this blog section a solution to any question or concern you have about getting the right gear or equipment. There are many topics covered, so if you are planning to be on a hike or camp, or if you know someone who has been longing to go, you will find all the tips and guides here.

Buying Gear and Equipment

The first step after identifying where to go camping or hiking is finding the right gear and equipment. If you do a random search online, you will find many shops that purport to be selling the best quality items. It can be overwhelming and confusing if you do not know the right way to go about it. The blogs that are written here help you in identifying easy ways to make your purchases.

There is a list of questions to ask when buying gear and equipment. These questions are divided into different categories, such as questions to ask the vendor you are buying from, and what you need to ask yourself. We have made it clear on how asking these questions will narrow things down for you and reduce the stress involved with finding the best gear and equipment for hiking and camping.

If you want to go camping but are on a strict budget, you should consider buying second-hand equipment and gear. We have simplified ways to ensure that you get legit products and that you are not shortchanged when purchasing. There are also tips on what to do if you are shopping for second-hand items in online shops and you cannot physically see them. To avoid being scammed, you should go through the blogs and become wiser.

What to Carry

Just imagine the horror that you would face if you stepped out for a hike or camp and when you are in the middle of the forest, you realise that you forgot an essential item. When planning, forgetting even a small item such as a flashlight can turn your trip into a nightmare. To avoid this, you should check our list of what to carry when going camping or fishing. The list includes what you must have with you, and there is also a guide on what to consider when packing so that you do not end up getting inconvenienced. Sometimes, all you need is a blog to remind you to bring your medication with you if you have a particular condition.

Our aim to make your trip comfortable and fun. Our bloggers have done their research, and they have also experienced hiking and camping. You will find answers to all your questions here.