Guide on Buying Second Hand Equipment and Gear

If you are looking for equipment when going hiking or camping, you do not have to spend a lot of money. Most people end up postponing and pushing off trips to engage in outdoor activities because they feel they do not have enough money to buy equipment. This should not be the case. There are many second-hand shops that sell equipment and outfits, and you should consider using them.

Where to Find Second-Hand Hiking and Camping Equipment

  • Social media: If you follow people who are passionate about online activities, you will get to know when they are disposing items and selling what they no longer use.
  • Garage sales: There are regular garage sales that sell different items, and you could get lucky to find one that has equipment and gear.
  • Online shops: There are online shops that sell used items, including eBay and craigslist. Simply put what you want on the search bar, and you will get many options.

How to Shop for Second-Hand Equipment Online

When you search the internet, you will be presented with different options for equipment to buy. It can get overwhelming to choose, and most people always end up feeling confused when they try shopping online. Some of the tips on ensuring you get a good deal are:

  • Ask for photos: This is important especially if you are buying off social media or someone you are communicating with online. Make sure they send you close up photos in different angles so that you know if the items have wear or tear.
  • Request for receipts: If possible, ask for the person who is selling to show you receipts to confirm that they are the real owners of the equipment. You can even ask them to show you photos where they previously used the equipment so that you do not end up buying stolen items.
  • Think of shipping logistics: If you are the one who will be transporting the equipment from the source, you should calculate whether it is worth buying in the first place. If the money you would spend transporting the equipment is higher than the cost of a new one, then it is better off buying one from a shop.
  • Meet at a safe place: If you are meeting someone for the first time, ensure that you are meeting at a safe place and in an open area. Many creeps are trolling the world wide web, and if you are not careful, you may end up being lured through a good deal and end up being killed. There have been horror cases of people who got killed by people they met online and trusted.
  • Compare prices: Before settling on a specific shop, make sure you have done some research and compared prices from different vendors. This is particularly essential if you are buying from a retail shop.

What to Check When Buying Equipment Online

  • How long they have been used: It is important to know how long the item you are buying has been used, and how frequently it was being used so that you know if it will serve you well or whether it will have wear and tear soon.
  • Price of a new one: The only way to know if you are getting a good deal from second-hand equipment is knowing the original price of a new one. Compare the price, and if the difference is marginal, it is not worth it.
  • All angle photo: Ask the seller to send you a photo of the equipment in all angles. You should also ask, if possible, for them to connect parts so that you see how it functions.