Questions to Ask When Buying Outdoor Gear and Equipment

Buying outdoor gear and equipment is an important aspect of preparing to go for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. The buying process can either be smooth without incidents or can end up being frustrating, depending on how you go about it. Remember that if you get this process wrong, you will not enjoy your activities.

What to Ask Seller When Buying Equipment and Gear

  • Does it have a warranty? You need to know if the items you are buying, especially the expensive equipment, have a warranty. If you are splurging on tents and other things, you should have the company telling you if you can still have them replaced or repaired within a certain period.
  • Do you offer transport? Can you imagine the stress of having to carry heavy gear and equipment, especially if you do not have a truck that will make it easy for you. You should ask the company selling for you if they have after sale services such as the provision of transport. If not, maybe you should look for an alternative.
  • Can I see it? There are many cases of people being scammed on a daily basis. You do not want to be a part of it, especially when shopping online. If you are buying second-hand items, request for photos or ask to see the gear and equipment before you send them money.
  • Is this new? You can decide to either buy new items or ones that have been previously owned. If you choose a pre-owned one, then you should know how long the previous owner had it. You should ask them if it is still functional or it might need some repairs.
  • Can I get a discount? : Do not be afraid of asking for discounts when making a purchase. You may be surprised to see that you will save some coin when the seller lowers the price.

What to Ask Yourself Before Buying Outdoor Gear and Equipment

  • Do I really need it? Aim to travel light when going for outdoor activities. You do not need several bottles of water, neither do you need fancy and expensive clothes, unless of course, you want to splurge. You should also ask if your friends have some of the items such as tents so that you can borrow instead of buying.
  • Is this shop legit? Do you know whether the shop you are buying from is licensed to operate, and from where they get their products? You should also find out if the shop has put in place security and safety measure to avoid scam if they are online.
  • Is this within my budget? It can be expensive getting all the gear and equipment. For most people prefer to buy the equipment in instalment until they have everything. You can try it as an option.
  • When is my travel date? You may be disappointed if you wait too long before buying the right gear and equipment. There are chances of them being sold out. Shop early so that you can prepare in advance.