What to Carry When Going Hiking and Camping

Undoubtedly everyone needs a break from the stresses of life. Sometimes, all you need to do is grab your bags and go hiking or camping. If you have never done it before, you will probably get overwhelmed while trying to decide what to carry with you.

Essentials When Going Hiking and Camping

  • Tents, stakes, poles and tie downs: You will need to set up a place to sleep when you are out in the wild. The type of tent and size that you carry with you will be determined by how many people you are. If you have never been on a camping and hiking trip, it is advisable that you go with someone so that you do not end up being stranded. Tents can be bought in main stores that sell camping and hiking equipment or from second-hand dealers.
  • Source of light: There is no electricity in a camp, so you will need a source of light such as torches, lamps or lanterns to find your way around at night. You can boost things up by lighting a bonfire to get a more significant source of light and warmth.
  • Backpacks: This is especially important for people who are hiking. They will need a backpack where they carry items such as water bottles, change of clothes, and the equipment they will be using after the hike. Ultimately the size of the backpack is determined by how many days you intend to stay on the trip.
  • Outdoor gear: Since you will be outdoors, you will need outdoor gear that allows you to move around without getting uncomfortable easily. You should also consider the shoes you are wearing, especially when going camping. The attire should be a good fit so that you do not have to cut your trip short because you cannot bear the discomfort from your attire.
  • First aid kit: Anything can happen while you are hiking or camping. You could suffer a fall or have an insect bite that gets uncomfortable. Carry a first aid kit that has pain medication and other essential items to handle emergencies.
  • Map: You should carry a map and possibly a compass to guide you. There have been cases of people getting lost while camping or hiking. It is essential to go with a manual map so that in case you do not have network connectivity, you can still find your bearing.

What to Consider When Packing Items for Hiking and Camping

  • What you will be doing: Ask yourself the main activity you will be doing when you are outdoor. If you plan to cook, you should think about carrying a source of fire and utensils.
  • How long you plan to stay: If you will be gone for longer, then you need to carry more clothes and possibly a bigger backpack. Make sure that the backpack you carry is however not too heavy since it can cause you a backache.
  • Who you are going with: If you are going with children, for instance, you need to put additional items that will keep them entertained or motivated. If you have someone with special needs, for example, someone who is on medication, then you should remember to pack their medication to avoid any complication.

If you are well prepared and you carry the right items, you will definitely enjoy the trip and even want to plan for another one sooner.